Aries & Zaes

Is a collaborative undertaking between two highly different artists who share a common background: Annie Aries and Marcel Zaes met couple years back when they studied ‘Music & Media Arts’ together in Berne, Switzerland. They founded their duo in 2017, with the goal of creating an EDM duo that is more than the mere playing back of prerecorded music on stage. On the contrary, they are working toward a contemporary beat music aesthetic (what some people may want to call ‘IDM’), that is for one highly performative in its nature, and for two, that finds itself at the onset of what is called ‘contemporary music.’ Elements of the experimental shall be combined with elements of the popular. For this project, they work with classical musicians, with the algorithmic software that is able to create “intelligent” and mathematical beat structures, and with the Korg Volca instrument series that define a new standard for low-key electronic instruments that are particularly performative in their use on stage. Since 2017 Aries & Zaes are working on their first album provisionally titled ​>I<​. Their debut concert took place in Providence, Rhode Island, in May 2018.
Tools / Instrumentation Used
Modular analog synthesizers (Arp 2500, Moog Mother 32, Roland System 500, Korg Volcas); Instrumental overdubs & samples (violin, viola, bassoon, piano, percussion, voice textures); Max/msp,, Ableton Live, and Modul8